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Learn Something New in Real Estate & Business

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Top Performing Henderson Realtor Explains Successful Real Estate Investor Traits

West End Commission’s first post goes out to our very own corporate real estate brokerage that we use to take care of every deal we make, The Trish Nash Team. They’re heavy hitters, they’re in the game deep, and we know them personally. Ranked #6 in 2012 in Wall Street Journals top performing realtors in the United States. Trish Nash is a nationally recognized real estate agent with her own brokerage, The Trish Nash Team | Henderson NV real estate agents – search all Henderson homes for sale here. We bring to you, an article I wrote from one of our fire-side conversations we had recently. And it’s all about real estate investing, here we go.

Real Estate Investing

When someone is going to transition from becoming a real estate owner to a real estate investor, a huge mindset shift is required; if you’re looking to perform like a true investor would. Trish works with hundreds of real estate investor clientele she has built up over the last couple decades, on a monthly basis. What she says about how these people operate, is that there’s a pattern that shows true through each and every one of them. And I think these similarities will actually shock you.

For example, most of them don’t have thorough knowledge about the market trends themselves. They don’t go directly to the sources themselves to find that stuff out. They instead call up Trish and schedule an appointment for her, a realtor, to walk them through current trends and market fluctuations. Most people that become investors think they need to make these connections directly to the source, this is simply not the case. You would think that it’s better that way since you’ll have information at your fingertips; and perhaps will be more likely to beat other investors to market.

The thing is, with that philosophy, you won’t be able to focus on what you really need to focus on as an investor; which is taking care of your personal development. That’s right, the “PD” word, yes I used it.. And not in the wrong way either, it means exactly what you think it means. It’s the investing of time and resources into bettering yourself. Without doing this, you will not have a clear vision for what you’d like to accomplish. Furthermore, you wouldn’t even be able to find new opportunities even if they were right in front of you.

De-stressing The Situation

Stress is a huge factor that stops investors and entrepreneurs from achieving the goals they had in the beginning when they got started. To hold off this stress, and control the amount you generate within, is a skill many over-look. Focusing on this skill instead, is what separates the good investors that give Trish their business every month, with the ones that she only is able to help out a few times a year. This difference is astonishingly large. When you’re talking commercial real estate deals; 30-40 deals from one real estate investor doesn’t even compare to the 2-3 from another. When it comes to this game in real estate, with investors, you immediately know the “cream of the crop” from the “ones who just got started”.

Real Estate Agents Need Focus

With all this being said about real estate investors, you still need to have a strategy of connecting with these types of investors rather than the ones that just got started. Focusing on getting real estate investor clients should be a part of your client acquisition strategy in your business. If it’s not, everyone else is going to snag all of these investors that are available in your area before you do. If that happens, they will establish deep connections with these clients making it impossible for you to even talk to them.

A good way to get real estate investor clients for your agency is by going to networking events. Trish Nash is a leading member in the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. She’s been networking for over 20 years and has a very extensive list of clients. When you meet an investor at an event, you should approach them with an interest of what they do. Even if you already know what they do, this will establish the first reciprocation that happens in the exchange. They will then feel obligated to ask you what you do. Now this brings up a very important point.

Which do you think sounds better to a real estate investor? “I am a realtor” or “I am a realtor that specializes in managing large investment portfolios”. I bring up the point because you now have to decide which way you’d like to go with your business. If you choose to be a realtor that helps investors only, you’ll get more investors interested in you. If you’re a realtor, you’ll have a difficult time relaying the difference between you and the others.

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